Candidate Screening


Candidates endorsed in the 2015 City Council and Mayoral Election

The Mayor and City Council members each serve four-year non-staggered terms. The last election was in 2015. The elections are non-partisan. Candidates do not run as Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, etc. The primary election is held on the first Tuesday in April of the election year. The general election is held on the fourth Tuesday in June. The two top vote getters for each position in the primary election square off in the general election.

The Mayor is elected by a city-wide vote of the people. The City is divided into six city council districts of equal population. Each district has two City Council members, for a total of 12 City Council members, one voted on at-large citywide and one voted on just by the people in his or her district.

The Citizens Association extensively screens all candidates for Mayor and City Council several months before the April primary election. Extensive written questionnaires on city issues are sent to and completed by each candidate. Each candidate then has a screening interview conducted by the Citizens Association Board of Directors, open to the public and media. The screening interviews are thorough, include opening and closing statements by the candidates and take about two weeks to complete.

The Board of Directors then meets and votes on its endorsements. The Board usually endorses in each race, but from time to time has not endorsed in a race in which no candidate garners enough support on the Board. Each endorsement is then submitted to the larger Citizens Association Board of Governors for approval. A 2/3s majority of vote of the Board of Governors, however, is required to override the recommendation of the Board of Directors.

The Citizens Association then conducts a coordinated campaign for its slate, including mailings and frequently television advertising.