Board of Directors 2015 - 2016


The Board of Directors are selected for one year terms, nominated by the Board Nominating Committee and voted on by the Citizens Association Board of Governors.

Leadership   Vice Chairs  
Chair - Donovan Mouton
Secretary - Vacant
Treasurer - Tim Kristl
Past Chair - Dan Cofran
Jim Rice – 1st District
Carol Adams –2nd District
Forestine Beasely –3rd District
Vicki Noties – 4th District
Sherwood Smith – 5th District
Bonnaye Mims – 6th District
Vanessa Claborn – 6th District


Carol Adams

B.J. Atkinson

Forestine Beasley

Edward Bell

Jared Campbell

Vanessa Claborn

Dan Cofran

Joanne Collins

Lance Conley

Greg Corwin

Bryan Dial

Allen Dillingham

George Eib

John Fairfield

Deb Hermann


George Eib

Ray James

Pat Jordan

Stacey Johnson-Cosby

Jonathan Kemper

Tim Kristl

Kelley Martin

Jay Menitove

Bonnaye Mims

Donovan Mouton

Vicki Noteis

Jason Parson

Jim Rice

Sherwood Smith

James Stacy

Cheryl Watt