About The Citizens Association is the oldest non-partisan political organization in Kansas City.


The Citizens Association of Kansas City, Missouri is the oldest non-partisan political organization in Kansas City, a city distinctly shaped and colored by its history of politics and politicians, from Pendergast's notorious machine to reformers wielding brooms to "sweep out corruption".in the 1930s.

Under the leadership of men and women representing diverse socioeconomic, political, religious and racial backgrounds, Citizens Association is committed to promoting open, honest government at City Hall and broad participation in the local political process.

If you'd like to be a part of this historic organization, call 816-221-1118, or visit our Join and Renew page and fill out a membership form. You can mail it or complete it online and email to us.

As early as March of 1918, The Citizens Committee of Five Thousand became The Citizens' League of Kansas City and Jackson County. Meeting in the Tabernacle of the Men's Bible Class of the First Baptist Church at Linwood Boulevard and Olive Street, the group formed a permanent organization and adopted a constitution. They planned to take an active part in city elections as watchers.

In 1934, the Citizens' League was reorganized and renamed the Citizens Association of Kansas City, Missouri, by Rabbi Samuel Mayerberg. At that time, corruption was rampant at City Hall. Vote stealing, bribery, and "country bookkeeping" were the order of the day. In 1940's "clean sweep" crusade, the Citizens Association successfully ousted the Pendergast political machine that had a stranglehold on City Hall. This campaign, billed as the "Battle of the Brooms", included a band of 7,500 women who wore badges depicting brooms and reportedly demonstrated by marching around City Hall with their brooms in hand. The Citizens Association became the dominant force for reform and good government for the next 65 years.

Today the Citizens Association carefully screens and endorses candidates for the Mayoral and City Council elections held every four years, recommending only those persons who have demonstrated a high level of integrity and commitment to open, honest and fair government. In non-election years, the Citizens Association identifies, tracks and takes positions on important issues facing our City.